Responsibility to clients

Responsibility to clients

What do clients say about us

“They first look at our risks and which ones we are exposed to, then participate in modelling the policy, always bearing in mind which risks should be covered so we are both optimally insured and achieve a balance between price and coverage. Their expertise shows not just in that aspect but also when creating exactly what we need, which stems from the fact that they know and understand our business. They point out issues that should be covered, issues we might have overlooked, or other things we should focus on, and which could be more important for our business”, adding that even though it may seem simple, such an approach requires a lot of expert knowledge.

Marija Gradečak Galović
CFO, Fidelta Ltd.

For the service we provide to our clients, ANO is an irreplaceable link. ANO is a company that is truly exceptional due to easy communication and collaboration, high levels of expertise, and the willingness of its employees to always help and find the best solution for their clients. Even for the most demanding tasks, their clients can relax in the knowledge that ANO will deliver the best possible solution.

Ljiljana Bitenc
Deputy Director, PBZ Card Ltd.

Our brokers’ specialisation, expertise, and knowledge of our global programmes help us run our business without obstructions so we can focus on what is most important for the company while leaving the details to them because we know that we are in safe hands.

Dario Čorić
Head of Treasury and Corporate Finance, Siemens energy Ltd.

In addition to the help in choosing the right insurance, I would say that they have recognized some risks and improved some of our internal processes in order to avoid unwanted damages. In addition, what always pleases and excites me about the ANO team is their approach - not only are they professional, but their level of communication is really high, they are extremely friendly and kind.

Veselko Špoljar
Head of Accounting, Auric timber Ltd.

Responsibility to employees


According to our clients, the greatest advantage of working with ANO brokers is the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of contracted policies under our belts, tens of thousands of resolved damages as well as the experience and knowledge accumulated over more than two decades.

And yet, the ANO team consistently strives to further perfect our knowledge and business skills.

ANO brokers regularly attend legally mandated educational courses to improve their knowledge. The courses typically cover topics such as: insurance conditions and current legislation, customer requirements assessment, business ethics, complaint and damage claims resolution, understanding investment options and financial risks, understanding pension schemes, the savings product market, conflict of interest, and more.

The ANO team also deepens their knowledge by attending local and international conferences as well as insurance industry seminars.

ANO clients can be certain that their broker is always familiar with the latest trends, insurance products, and legal rules and regulations.

ANO office


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Responsibility to society



We support the community through our donation programme, which is focussed on youth education and young athletes. We also support children without proper parental care. Individuals and civic society organisations representing these groups can contact us via

Diversity and non-discrimination policy

Diversity and non-discrimination policy

We firmly believe in equal treatment of all and ensure no form of discrimination exists in our company – be it conscious or unconscious. We are aware that diversity originating from different sources – different genders, cultures, nations, ages, sexual orientation and physical ability – guarantees the best insight, advice, and results for both our clients and our company, and indirectly benefits our whole society. We are signatories to the Diversity Charter and members of the Gender Equality Association working in conjunction with the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development.



Volunteering is globally recognised as an activity of interest to the whole of society. Aware of our role in the promotion of employee volunteering as a type of social responsibility activity, ANO is a signatory to the International Volunteering Charter. Our employees are guided by their wish to get to know their community better, improve quality of life in their society, and acquire new knowledge and skills. The company supports them in this endeavour by allowing volunteering during business hours and providing all necessary equipment.